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Dr Jette Aeroe Clausen [email protected][email protected]

I am a lecturer in midwifery at University College Copenhagen. I am currently involved in an international project on migrants access to health care services. I volunteer with local communities of migrants in Denmark. I am interested in the consequences of poverty for migrant women’s mobility, experience of and contact with the Danish health care system

Dr Eva Duda [email protected]

I’m an Assistant Professor at the University of Wrocław, at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research into Health and Illness, first academic centre in health humanities and the social sciences of health in Poland. In my research at the Centre I focus on health and wellbeing, migration, disability and loneliness. 

Glenys Frank  [email protected]

After studying a Master of Public Health, I specialised in working with marginalised pregnant women, in the community, in Australia. Currently I am a PhD candidate at University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, focusing on the experience of women seeking asylum, in the perinatal period.  Also, I am working as a casual academic and midwife.

My research interest is understanding how to improve the care of marginalised women by addressing structural, and professional issues and education.

Anne  Kasper [email protected]

I am a midwife with a Public Health background. 

Prof Julia Leinweber [email protected]

I am a Professor of midwifery at the Berlin Protestant University of Applied Science. I have a Public Health background and my research interests include migrant women’s experiences of maternity care in Germany.

Dr Alena Parizkova [email protected]

I am a social scientist with a background in sociology and social anthropology at the University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic. I am interested in the issues of international migration, life course, health, inequality (including migrant maternal health) and social work. I am currently focusing on women who travel for preferred maternity services and also the intersection of violence, marginalisation and sex-work.