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Working title- ‘Improving maternal and child health and social inequalities for those with no recourse to public funds and irregular immigration status’ Dr Hannah Rayment-Jones

A combined methods research project examining the relationship between refugee women on the UK Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (VPRS) and NHS midwives Katherine Letley

Baby Buddy Forward Project- identifying information needs of migrant women during transition to parenthood. Prof Julia Leinweber leading the German arm of the study

Barriers and facilitators to improving pre-conception health and contraceptive access among migrant women. Majel McGranahan

BiBBS (Born in Bradford Better Start) birth cohort (2016-2024) Dr Josie Dickerson, Gill Thornton, Nicola Hancock

Born in Bradford Cohort: Intergenerational impact of migration on lifestyle behaviours, breastfeeding and pregnancy outcomes: Prof Hora Saltani

Born in Bradford’s Covid-19 longitudinal families study (follow up families who were pregnant or had a baby during the Covid-19 pandemic) Kirsty Crossley

Born in Bradford’s Supporting Mums randomised control trial to investigate the effectiveness of a text message based post-partum weight management programme. Kirsty Crossley

DAISI- digital animation in service improvement. Using DAISI in maternity care to overcome language and cultural barriers in migrant women led by Dr Mel Cooper, Dr Tomasina Stacey

Developing an intervention to address barriers to accessing maternity care for migrant women: Tahira Mumtaz

Ethnographic study examining the reproductive experiences among undocumented migrant and asylum-seeking women in London: Júlia Fernandez

Experiences of Perinatal Mental Health in the UK asylum system: Pip McKnight

Experience of women seeking asylum, in the perinatal period; Glenys Frank

Evaluation of Maternity Stream project- Supporting Pregnant Asylum Seekers & Refugees: Dr Elizabeth Kiilu

Health inequalities in the identification of perinatal mental health and accessing of mental health services. Dr Josie Dickerson

Improving healthcare at the intersection of gender and protracted displacement amongst Somali and Congolese refugees and IDPs Lucy Lowe

Investigating the support needs and maternity service provision for women who have been trafficked into the UK. Catherine Collins

Investigating the effective use of interpreting modalities, i.e., face-to-face, telephone or video-mediated interpreting, in maternity settings. Li Li

The MAMAH Study: Migration and Maternal Health Dr Kerrie Stevenson

Maternal Health Care for Refugee Women in Germany. Anne Kasper

Maternal objects in transit(ion): Using material culture to explore asylum seeking and refugee women’s experiences of maternity and the transition to motherhood in the UK.  Marie-Clare Balaam

Maternity care experiences of refugee and asylum seeking women in Scotland. Heba Farajallah

Maternity, migration and asylum in Scotland (MAMAS) Lucy Lowe

Maternity service improvement for refugee and asylum seeking women with symptoms of perinatal depression Amanda Firth

Migrant father’s experience of childbirth in the UK. Andy Mprah

Migrant Maternal Health in the UK and Australia: Factors shaping midwives delivery of care, University of Birmingham and SEREDA: Pip McKnight

Migrant women’s experiences of maternity care in Leeds, Kirklees, and Manchester. Dr Gwyneth Lonergan

Perinatal mental health and ethnicity/migration: Prof Hora Saltani

The impact of the Continuity of Care midwifery model on an ethnically diverse and deprived populations Dr Josie Dickerson

The impact of social support interventions during the perinatal period on the wellbeing of asylum seeking and refugee women. Marie-Clare Balaam

The wider social impact of covid-19 on pregnant women and families in Bradford Dr Josie Dickerson

Understanding barriers and facilitators to uptake of cervical screening and the HPV vaccination programmes in Polish women Dr Jo Cairns