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Anne  Kasper [email protected]

I am a midwife with a Public Health background. 

Dr Jette Aeroe Clausen [email protected][email protected]

I am a lecturer in midwifery at University College Copenhagen. I am currently involved in an international project on migrants access to health care services. I volunteer with local communities of migrants in Denmark. I am interested in the consequences of poverty for migrant women’s mobility, experience of and contact with the Danish health care system

Prof Julia Leinweber [email protected]

I am a Professor of midwifery at the Berlin Protestant University of Applied Science. I have a Public Health background and my research interests include migrant women’s experiences of maternity care in Germany.

Dr Alena Parizkova [email protected]

I am a social scientist with a background in sociology and social anthropology at the University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic. I am interested in the issues of international migration, life course, health, inequality (including migrant maternal health) and social work. I am currently focusing on women who travel for preferred maternity services and also the intersection of violence, marginalisation and sex-work.